Buy this home direct from me with no money down and get most if not all of your closing costs covered!

The last buyer I represented got into a home with literally no money down. In fact, they even got money back at closing. To make things even better, I was able to negotiate a seller concession so they had all of their closing costs covered!

Let me break down their total cost to buy their home:
$500 Earnest Money (To open escrow)
$250 Inspection Fee
$450 Appraisal
*** Received $37.99 back at the close of escrow.

Adding up the out of pocket fees we get $1200! In most cases, that’s cheaper than a deposit on a rental home.¬† NOTICE…there was NO fee for Down payment or Closing Costs, only the Earnest Money ($461.01 which is $500 – $37.99)

The Mortgage Program my client used to purchase this home is called the Home in Five Advantage Loan Program. So if you were wanting to buy a home, see if you can buy a home in Glendale today using this program today.

For more details on the Home in Five Advantage Loan Program click the image below:


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